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Retail and Classified Advertising Rates
Effective January 1, 2002

(304) 626-1400 or  1-(800)982-6034
Business News: (304) 626-1449
Advertising Manager: (304) 626-1413
RETAIL FAX: (304) 624-9441
CLASSIFIED FAX : (304) 622-3629
NEWS FAX: (304) 624-4188
Landon Associates, Inc.
19 Offices Nationwide
Pittsburgh, (412)-774-4411
Cleveland, (216)-966-8616
Cincinnati, (513)-688-0050
New York, (212)-867-1112
West Virginia Press Services
3422 Pennsylvania Avenue, Charleston, WV 25302
(304) 342-6908
a. Advertising Agency Commission
Commissionable rate for national advertising is available to any recognized advertising agency and must be billed to the advertising agency. All local rates are non-commissionable.
b. Cash Discount
No Cash discounts are allowed.
c. Accounts Without Credit
All advertising is cash with copy until credit is established. Credit is allowed upon approval of a completed credit application. All major credit cards accepted.
d. Terms for Accounts with Credit
Net 30 days from closing date of the statement. Finance charges are computed on a periodic rate of 1.5% per month, which is an annual percentage rate of 18% on any period's balance not paid within 30 days.
e. Delinquent Accounts
On advertising where credit is allowed, when any part of the account for advertising becomes delinquent, the entire amount becomes due and payable. The Exponent-Telegram may refuse to publish further advertising of a delinquent account.
f. Contracts
Contracts are nontransferable; only advertising relating to the regular business of the contracted advertiser may be purchased under the advertiser's contract and none of the privileges of the contract may be assigned to another advertiser or business.
a. Content/Copy
The Exponent-Telegram reserves the right to reject any advertising with content that may be construed as defamatory, invasive of the privacy of others, fraudulent, obscene or otherwise unlawful. In submitting copy, the advertiser represents and warrants that its content is truthful, is not defamatory, is not an invasion of others and is in compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations.
b. Liability for Error
The liability of the Exponent-Telegram for any material error caused by the Exponent-Telegram in an advertisement is limited to crediting to the account of the advertiser an appropriate portion of the cost of the advertisement containing the error. The portion will be determined by the Exponent-Telegram according to the degree of the error. In no event will the credit be greater than the price of the first advertisement containing the error. Claims for such liability must be submitted to the Exponent-Telegram within 30 days after the publication and will not be honored if copy or corrections were submitted to the Exponent-Telegram after the deadline for submission. No adjustment of any kind normally will be made for errors that do not affect the value of the advertisement.
c. Circulation/Readership
The Exponent-Telegram does not guarantee any given level of circulation or readership for an advertisement.
d. Limitation of Liability
The advertiser and advertising agency must agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Exponent-Telegram from any and all claims, actions, suits, proceedings, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities resulting from any advertisement (including illustrations, text, layout, positioning, etc.) published at the advertiser's request.
e. Advertisement/News Format
Advertising that might be mistaken by a reader as news, feature or other non-advertising materials must be clearly marked "advertisement".
f. Position
All positions are the option of the Exponent-Telegram. Generally, the Exponent-Telegram will attempt to accommodate an advertiser's request for advertising position whenever possible. In no event will adjustments, reinsertions or refunds be made because of the position in which an advertisement has been published. Classified display ads may or may not appear under specific classifications due to "dummying" restrictions.
g. Failure to Insert
The liability of the Exponent-Telegram for omitting an advertisement from any edition in which it was scheduled or ordered for publication is limited to publishing the advertisement in another mutually agreeable edition at applicable rates.
h. Composition Charges
Composition costs associated with production of an advertisement that is set but not used will be paid by the advertiser at the current composition rate of $25.00 per hour.
i. Late Ad/Preprint Liability
The Exponent-Telegram accepts no liability for errors in advertisements placed late by the advertiser or delivered late by a third party designated as the source of material.
j. Cancellation Requirements
Cancellations, changes of insertion dates and/or corrections must conform to published deadlines. Canelations or changes cannot be guaranteed in classified advertising between the time the ad is ordered and the initial publication. Cancellation of "until further notice" orders must be confirmed in writing.
k. Artwork
The Exponent-Telegram is not responsible for the return of printing material/artwork unless a specific written request is received at the time of placement to hold such material for a period not exceeding 30 days.
l. Incorrect Rates
Incorrect rates on insertion orders which do not correspond to the rate card will be regarded as clerical errors and the advertisement will be published and charged at the applicable rates at the time of publication.
m. Special Rates
Exponent-Telegram representatives are not authorized to make any deviations from these published rates and regulations, orally or in writing.
n. Insertion Orders
The Exponent-Telegram accepts insertion orders from advertising agencies only according to the terms and conditions this rate card conveys. If an insertion order is submitted including conditions that are not in accordance with the rate card, the Exponent-Telegram is not bound to adhere to them.
p. Political
All political advertising must be accompanied by cash with order and must be designated as "Paid Political Advertising," starting the name of the person authorizing its publication and candidate or candidates in whose behalf it is published. Photo I.D. is required when placing political ads.
a. ROP Open
Daily Sunday
Annual Column Daily Sunday
Revenue  Inches Column Column
Commitment Available Inch Rate Inch Rate
Open   Open   $16.60   $17.75
$1,000   75"   $14.95   $16.00
$2,000   150"   $14.55   $15.55
$4,000   300"   $14.15   $15.10
$6,500   500"   $13.65   $14.70
$9,500   750"   $13.25   $14.20
$12,500   1000"   $13.00   $13.95
$17,500   1500"   $12.85   $13.75
$28,500   2500"   $12.60   $13.50
$55,000   5000"   $12.45   $13.35
$80,000   7500"   $12.20   $13.10
$100,000   10,000"   $12.05   $12.90
$122,500   12,500"   $11.80   $12.60
$140,000   15,000"   $11.65  $12.45

Note: Dollar Volume includes Preprint Revenue,
Display Ad Revenue and Color

Lower Your Earned Rate
by repeating a display ad within 6 days

1st Repeat   2nd Repeat   3rd Repeat
30%   35%   40%
The Exponent-Telegram publishes two TMC proucts for in-home delivery every Saturday; The Harrison County Xtra (20,000 distribution) is target mailed to non-subscribers; The Doddridge County Xtra (5,450 distribution) is saturated mailed to every household. The editorial content of these products focus on local people, local events, senior news and school news. These publications contain preprinted inserts as well as display advertising. For an up-to-date distribution by zip code, please contact your advertising representative.

TMC Preprint Rates

Tab Size  


Single Sheet   $53
Up to 12 Tab $62
16-24 Tab   $72
28-40 Tab   $82

48 Tab/24 STD and up Priced by weight.
10,000 minimum required.

Mechanical measurements same as ROP
6 column format
Proof deadline Friday 6:00 p.m.
Camera Ready copy Monday 3:00 p.m.

Per Column Inch



  Open Rate $10.00   $4.00
  Pick-up Rate $4.25 $2.25
  1 x 2 $ 5.00 pci $ 2.25 pci
  2 x 2 15 Week Run 15 Week Run
  2 x 3 Same Ad Same Ad
  2 x 4 No Changes No Changes
  13X $500 $300
  26X $450 $250
  52X $400 $200
  Bottom 1/2 Front Page w/color $300 $150

Bridgeport News
Per Column Inch

  Open Rate $6.00
  Pick-Up Rate $4.50

Combination Discounts

Purchase any size ad in the Exponent-Telegram and repeat the same ad in the Harrison Xtra, Doddridge Xtra or Bridgeport News and receive up to 20% of the Xtras and Bridgeport News only.
  1 Paper Combo 2 Paper Combo 3 Paper Combo
  10% off 15% off 20% off
Advertisers may choose full run for daily or Sunday distribution. If total market coverage is what you want, we can supplement our subscriber delivery with C.A.S.S. mailed delivery in our Saturday TMC products, Harrison County Xtra,  and Doddridge County Xtra.


                        Tab Size  


Single Sheet $50
Up to 12 Tab   $53
16-24 Tab   $57
28-40 Tab   $62
44-56 Tab   $67
60 or larger   $72

Quantities Needed Daily .....................20,500
Quantities Needed Sunday .................24,000

Full run distribution figures are based on average gross circulation and are more applicable than the ABC Audit figures which are based only on average paid circulation.
Minimum Quantity 10,000
Minimum Charge $480.00

Add $5.00CPM for less than full distribution

a. Preprints contracted for a twelve month period.
b. Placement of inserts in the Exponent-Telegram will result in credit toward fulfillment of advertiser's ROP contract covering display advertising. The amount of credit resulting from the placement of an insert will use the amount in dollars paid for the insert divided by the advertiser's contract rate in effect at the time the insert is placed.
c. To obtain maximum protection for your insert keep the paper size within the range of our 14x11 folded newspaper.
d. Broadsheet preprinted advertising sections should be half-folded. Tabloid size or small preprinted pieces should be flat.
e. Deliveries should be at our dock ten (10) days prior to date of distribution. Deliveries earlier than 17 days prior to the date of distribution increase the chances of damage due to excessive handling of skids.
f. The receiving department is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday, 324 Hewes Avenue, Clarksburg, WV. No deliveries will be accepted by other personnel.
g. Preprinted inserts are accepted by reservation only. Quantity needed will be stated at the time of reservation.
h. For accurate identification of your skids, please display each skid with a copy of the insert on two sides of the skid and the quantity of inserts on each skid.


$0.76 per line   $0.80 per line
$10.64 pci $11.20 pci

Non-Contract Rates

1 Day   2 Days 3 Days   4 Days   5 Days   6 Days   7 Days   30 Days
3 Lines   $2.28   $4.20 $6.03 $7.32 $9.30 $10.62 $12.18 $50.40
4 Lines   $3.04 $5.60 $8.04 $9.76 $12.40 $14.16 $16.24 $67.20
5 Lines   $3.80 $7.00 $10.05 $12.20 $15.50 $17.70 $20.30 $84.00
6 Lines   $4.56 $8.40 $12.06 $14.64 $16.60 $21.24 $24.36 $100.80
7 Lines   $5.32 $9.80 $14.07 $17.92 $21.70 $24.78 $26.42 $117.60
Per Line   $0.76 $0.70 $0.64 $0.64 $0.62 $0.59 $0.58  $ 0.56

$1.00 Internet Surcharge On All Classifications Except Legal Notices.

Contract Rates
1 Year

Up to 19 3/4" $6.58 Up to 49 3/4" $6.16
Up to 29 3/4" $6.44 Up to59 3/4" $6.02
Up to 39 3/4" $6.30 Anything over 60" $5.88

Must Maintain 3 Line Rate Holder at $0..47 per line for Contract

Color advertising is subject to availablity and mechanical limitations. Color charges do not include flap charges and scanner charges for full color photos and slides. Color scanner charges depend on the sizes and number of photos.
Price quotations are available upon request.
Color Charge
24 +
One Color   $175   $148 $140 $125 $100  
Two Colors   $225   $190 $175 $157 $130  
Full Color   $300   $255 $240 $210 $185  

Color Separations may incur additional production charges

The Exponent-Telegram is audited by ABC.
Ask your sales representative for the latest report.
Monday Mini Page
Tuesday Food
Wednesday   ....................... Senior Life
Thursday   ....................... Weekend
Friday   ....................... TV Week
....................... Home and Health
....................... Nascar This Week
Saturday ....................... Home and Garden
....................... Religion Today
a. Contracts are not valid until signed by the Advertising Manager.
b. No verbal agreements are recognized.
c. Contracts not completed will be short rated. Rebates are not given.
d. Credits for errors in advertisements allowed for the first insertion only.
e. It is the sole discretion of the Advertising Manager whether to issue a credit or run a make good for advertisements that have run with errors due to an Exponent-Telegram oversight.
f. Contracts will be accepted from an individual advertiser or may be drawn to include his/her subsidiaries but cannot
include two or more different companies.
g. The Exponent and Telegram resumes the right to revise rates   giving 30 days written notice. Such rate increases are applicable to advertising published in this rate card.
Ads with column depth of over 19 inches will be charged the full column depth of 21 inches. Ads for special tabloid sections that are over 9 inches in depth will be charged for the full column depth of  12 inches. Minimum size accepted 1 column x 1 inch.
Offset Printing Process


col   picas   inches
1 column   11.3   1  13/16
2 column   23.5   3  7/8
3 column   35.7   5  15/16
4 column   47.9   7  7/8
5 column   59.11   9  15/16
6 column   72.1 12
Full Page 12 x 21
Double Truck 147.2 24  1/2x21


col   picas inches
1 column   7.6   1  1/4
2 column   15.7  2  9/16
3 column   23.8   3  7/8
4 column   31.9   5  1/4
5 column   39.10   6  9/16
6 column   47.11 7  15/16
7 column   56 9  5/16
8 column   64.1   10 5/8
9 column   72.1   12
Full Page 12x21
Double Truck 24 1/2x21
col   picas   inches
1 column   11.3   1  13/16
2 column   23.5   3  7/8
3 column   35.7   5  15/16
4 column   47.9   7  7/8
5 column   59.11   9  15/16
Full Page 9  15/16x12
Double Truck 125.10 21x12
Monday         Thurs.     5 PM Fri.  1:00 PM
Tuesday Fri. 4:30 PM Mon. 1:00 PM
Wednesday         Mon.  2:30 PM Tues. 1:00 PM
Thursday    Tues.   2:30 PM  Wed. 1:00 PM
Friday Wed. 2:30 PM Thurs. 1:00 PM
Saturday        Thurs. 2:30 PM Fri. 11:00 AM
Hometown/Society Wed. 2:30 PM Thurs. 11:00 AM
Sunday Classified Thurs. 3:00 PM Fri. 11:00 AM
Sunday ROP Thurs. 3 PM Fri. 2:00 PM
Sunday Real Estate Wed. 5:00 PM Thurs. 11:00 AM
Harrison County Xtra Fri. 3:00 PM Mon. 11:00 AM
Doddridge County Xtra Fri. 4:00 PM Mon. 9:00 AM
Bridgeport News Mon. 12 Noon Tues. 9:00 AM
Tab Fri. 5:00 PM Tues. 10:00 AM
Sunday and Monday Friday 4:00 PM
Tuesday-Saturday Day Before 3:00 PM

The Exponent

Medium Market
Newspaper in
West Virginia

  • Established itself as the best medium market newspaper in West Virginia over the past four years, earning more than 100 awards for journalism excellence in news, business, sports and feature writing, design and photography, not to mention many award winning advertisements.
  • Earned first place General Excellence Awards in 1998, 1999, 2001; second place, 2000.
  • Earned Best Sunday Newspaper Award 2001

Source: West Virginia Press Association, Best Newspaper Contest.

The Exponent-Telegram is audited by ABC.
Ask your sales representativefor the latest report.

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