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October 21 -- I grew up in Clarksburg/Bridgeport area & enjoy visiting your web page (newspaper) several times a week to keep up with what is going on in my old hometown. I now live in Virginia Beach, VA. and your web page gives me a little bit of home. Thanks.

October 15 -- I had the good fortune to access your local newspaper via the internet. What interesting reading. I am a former resident of Clarksburg (born and raised there, graduated from Washington Irving HS) and I find it very rewarding to be able to "reacquaint" myself with my hometown. Thank you for the service. -- visitor from Minneapolis, MN

October 12 -- You need to really get with it! Other papers online offer more information and are up to date. I can just image what someone thinks from different areas visiting your website. Get with the program ! -- visitor from Rivesville WV

Comment from the webmaster -- this site is not intended to be a substitute for local home delivery of our newspapers -- which we believe are a bonafide good value to those who reside in our extensive local coverage area -- we are always glad to welcome visitors from anywhere to our site -- but its primary purpose at this time is to provide a link to "home" for those who reside elsewhere. We look forward to further improvements as time goes on.

October 10 -- Hi, As a former resident of Bridgeport, I enjoy catching up especially the sports at BHS. Enjoyed your web site. -- visitor from Palmyra, TN

October 11 -- Your new web page is a great improvement. I knew if we all had enough patience you would come through just as you always have. We moved from Bridgeport some thirty years ago and do enjoy reading all I can about the "Old Home Town" and the immediate area. We have friends and family there yet. Keep up the good work. Olive Sayers (Youngstown, NY)

October 9 -- thank you, thank you for bringing your website up to date again thank you

October 9 -- As a former Clarksburg resident, I enjoy reading "hometown" news. Great site. Keep up the good work!

October 6 -- Do you have birth announcements in the paper, thank you, Enjoy the paper very much, read it every day.

October 6 -- As a former resident of Shinnston (moved 1965) I really appreciate your online edition so that we can keep up with the obituaries from time to time. I am sure that other news will be of interest, but this helps keep in touch with our roots. Sincerely, Mike Riley, Georgia (Fomer carrier for Mr. Creighton in the 1950's)

October 2 -- Well, quit an improvement from the last time I check from Oregon! Glad you took the criticism of a long time subscriber seriously! I am sure there are many who will agree with my praise! Keep up the good work!

September 30 -- thank you for getting back in gear with a improved web site We have all waited too long.

September 29 -- I would like to see more about the Broadway fire.

September 23

I enjoy your online paper,good job. I am from Webster Springs originally and enjoy reading about the state.

(Fayetteville NC Reader)

September 16 --Your redesigned web site looks great. Appreciate it!

(AOL visitor)

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