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Students Earn College Credits
Athletics Looks to Carry on Tradition
New Facility Offers Unique Educational Opportunities
Robert C. Byrd Continues High Academic Standards
RCB Enjoys First Homecoming Festivities
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Students Earn College Credits


Many Harrison County high school seniors are now earning dual credits that fulfill both high school and college requirements in tuition-waived classes offered at Robert C. Byrd High School.

This innovative partnership between Harrison County schools and Fairmont State College is well underway as students may select courses in English, Chemistry, Biology, History, and Political Science. Students must have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. Enrollment in college English courses also requires an enhanced ACT score of 17 in english, while Chemistry courses require a score of 19 in math in the enhanced ACT. Students must have completed these requirements before this fall. Credits are transferable to in-state colleges.

Consider these advantages:

1. You get a head start on your college program and complete degrees in less time.

2. You learn to make wiser choices about programs of study and the colleges offering them.

3. You enhance your preparation for college, thus increasing the chance for success.

4. You adjust to a more advanced level of education, making the transition from high school to college much easier.

5. You may transfer these credits to other state colleges.

6. You feel good about using available time for real accomplishments.

7. With rising college costs, your parents will really appreciate the savings.

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Athletics Looks to Carry on Tradition


A wide variety of athletics are available at Robert C. Byrd. From Blue and Gold to Green and Blue our pride in athletics will continue.

Playing in a new stadium under a new coach, the football team will strive to set a standard of excellence. Senior Jason Genin stated, "I think we got off to a slow start, but I think we are a team to worry about."

The soccer team has many outstanding players, but the team is led by Senior Jimmy Caton who remarked, "Our team is very experienced. We are very physical on defense and quick on offense. We expect to win a lot of games."

Other fall sports offered at Robert C. Byrd include cross-country, volleyball, girls' soccer, golf, and both freshman and JV football.

Some Winter sports include boys' and girls' basketball, swimming, and wrestling. Head Boys' Basketball Coach Brad Underwood commented, "We lost six seniors, and we have only two returning starters from our top eight. But we have a winning tradition in basketball, and hopefully we will carry that on."

Baseball, softball, tennis, and track are the sports held in the spring. Four-year baseball team veteran Mark Fernandez stated, "The baseball team should have a pretty good year, because the power and experience is there."

Last, but certainly not least, the cheerleaders are the only team to participate all year round. Senior Sheli Garrett commented, "The cheerleaders should be very successful this year; we have great senior leadership, and all the underclassmen are dedicated to being state bound!"

With the proper attitudes and the drive to succeed, the sports teams should represent Robert C. Byrd High School well.

___Landis Smith, David Holcombe, and Larenda Yochym contributed to this report.

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New Facility Offers Unique Educational Opportunities


As students enter Robert C. Byrd High School, they are faced with many advancements in technology and various other fields. There are now computers in every classroom, at least one per room. Some of these computers are Internet accessible.

Teachers are being trained to educationally incorporate the Internet's information into their classroom activities. In some of the Computer Science classes, they are exploring the Internet with the teacher.

Computer labs are located throughout the school, enabling teachers and their students to work on various assignments. The library is also on the computer system at Robert C. Byrd. Students are able to check to see if the library contains a particular book without actually entering the library itself. There, students are able to browse through encyclopedias in the computer to find information on a subject more quickly than flipping through a book.

In some science classes, students are able to hatch chicks in incubators. Another science-oriented feature, a pond intended for environmental studies is located on the Robert C. Byrd campus.

The building itself is different than what most students are used to. The hallways are much bigger than usual, and the classrooms are much "roomier." There are several lobbies and included in one, is a glass-encased stuffed eagle, the school enblem.

Regarding curriculum, college classes, offered as part of the former Hartland Magnet Center and in conjunction with Fairmont State College, formerly offered off campus, are now being offered in our building.

Soon to open is the Robert C. Byrd School store. In the school store, plans are underway to sell basic school supplies and Robert C. Byrd paraphernalia.

A novelty for former WI students, those who drive to school now have their own student parking lot. A permit is required for a student to park his or her car in the parking lot. The faculty have their own parking lot as well.

We are fortunate to have many of our own playing fields. A football field which seats 7,500, tennis courts, PE and band practice fields, outdoor basketball courts, soccer fields, and soon-to-be finished baseball field are available for our students.

Inside the building are 3 regulation-sized basketball courts, and separate boys' and girls' locker rooms. An auxiliary gymnasium is located above the locker rooms, and is currently being used by our Army JROTC's award-winning program.

The school is complete with its own phone system. Teachers are now able to contact other teachers or the office directly, without having to leave the classroom. Each room has its own extension number. When you dial the school, if you know the extension number for the person to whom you wish to speak, you can enter it and be directly connected with that person. If you do not know the extension number you will be connected with the main office.

Robert C. Byrd High School is not like any other in West Virginia. The building itself encompasses nearly 190,000 square feet, including a 675-seat auditorium with an orchestra pit, a television studio, end an applied technology lab. The 35-acre site includes the various fields and the building.

As you can see, Robert C. Byrd High School is a one-of-a-kind school, offering the best educational opportunities in the area, and perhaps the state.

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Robert C. Byrd Continues
High Academic Standards


Washington Irving High School was always noted for high academic standards, and since the move to Robert C. Byrd, that mark of excellence has continued. With an ACT average of 20.3, we boast second best in the county. SAT scores average 1030, slightly higher than the national average.

Every year 70 percent of graduating seniors at Robert C. Byrd go on to college for further education. Last year's senior class received 45 scholarships, each worth more than $1,000.

Also, since the move to more modern facilities, our course offerings have expanded. We have many classes not offered at other schools including college- level English, Chemistry, History, and Political Science. These courses are offered as part of the Harrison County Magnet Center. The Center, formerly located at the Hartman Grade School, recently moved to RCB, and services the needs of special students.

Offered for dual credit (serving as requirements for both high school and college) these courses are attended by students from around the county, and are offered at various times of day. Many students seem to enjoy this opportunity to earn dual credit. Senior Danny Phares, a student in the English class noted, "I think it's better to take the college class now, and let it count for dual credit; this way, next fall I can enter college with some completed credit hours."

For more information on the Harrison County Magnet Center, call 624-3240. The principal of the Magnet Center is Ms. Susan Collins.

The WVU Extended Learning Office is located right here in Robert C. Byrd High School, where opportunities to expand knowledge on communication skills, computers, and astronomy are available. In addition, area adults are able to add college hours by taking in-house graduate classes.

An RCB computer instructor, Mr. Chester Hall is instructing a course on Introducing the Internet. This course gives students 3 hours of graduate credit and it wil1 enable students to understandand the use of the Internet. In the class, students will learn what the Internet is and how to make the most of its capabilities.

JROTC instructor, Lieutenant Colonel Peter Taylor is offering a course that is designed to address the needs of educators and human resource professionals in dealing with "survival" situations. The emphasis is on team building, team work, crisis planning skills, and practical outdoor skills. This course will also certify the students in basic first aid and CPR.

So, as you can see, the WVU Extended Learning Office doesn't just deal with WVU. It is also affiliated with Robert C. Byrd High School, its teachers and the community. Continuing a tradition of excellence, Robert C. Byrd High School is definitely preparing students for the future.

___Darin Webster, Chad Saas, Rachael Gainor, and Mark Fernandez contributed to this report.

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RCB Enjoys First Homecoming Festivities


This has certainly been a year of firsts, with the most recent and enjoyable event being the Homecoming festivities. From the four-day Spirit Week activities, to the dance rounding out the weekend, the Student Council organized and presented an occasion to remember.

Dressing to be a part of Hillbilly, Superhero/Hippie, Boy/Girl Switch and Blue and Green Days, students and teachers participated in the events. Some teachers even agreed to take a whipped cream pie to the face during Thursday's assembly.

Even though our football team did not achieve victory over Bridgeport, this did not hinder most from having an enjoyable weekend.

A highlight, the Homecoming Queen was announced before the game crowd October 12. Special congratulations go to Tricia Lopez; she was crowned Queen Aquila I by Principal Leon Pilewski during the halftime presentations.

With the theme "Only Time Will Tell," members of the Student Council transformed the roomy cafeteria and commons area into an exquisite ballroom for the dance. As time did tell, it was a week to remember.

___Casey Bowie and Rachel Rabanal contributed to this report.

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