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FBI, Harrison County Bank Team with SHHS
West Virginia Legislation Helps Students Learn of 'Real World'
School Improvement Council Works for Betterment of School
Marching Band's Efforts Earn Accolades
South Harrison Well Represented At Math Field Day
Lady Hawks Making Name for Themselves
Students Participate in Annual Science Fair
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FBI, Harrison County Bank
Team with SHHS


South Harrison High School has two partners in education. One is the FBI and the other is the Harrison County Bank in Lost Creek.

The FBI has maintained a last ing friendship with South Harrison High School for the past three years. Harrison County Bank of Lost Creek has maintained a partnership for over 10 years.

Each organization assists the school with encouragement and support in academic success and overall school community achievements.

South Harrison is a chosen school that these community establishments can trust.

In past partnerships with the Harrison County Bank, students interested in banking have been able to obtain part-time employment through South Harrison's DCT program, directed by Mrs. Marilyn Kidd.

This year Angela Goldsmith is employed at the Lost Creek branch and Melissa Ward works at the West Milford branch.

These students work anywhere from 15-25 hours a week with a wide variety of banking responsibilities.

Ms. Goldsmith and Ms. Ward are prime examples of the "school-to-work" student.

The FBI partnership with South Harrison is now in its third year.

On Oct. 11, the South Harrison faculty visited the FBI complex for a grand tour.

In addition, South Harrison High School provided it's facility for 1,400 FBI employees to participate in a recognition program on Nov. 15.

Mr. Jim Moore, FBI coordinator for both South Harrison High School and South Harrison Middle School said, "As a counselor, I've been proud of the students of South Harrison and how they have worked with the FBI. They have made my work easier be cause of their mature, exemplary behavior."

He also went on to say that the greatest asset of any school is the children and that the parents of the South Harrison students should be very proud.

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West Virginia Legislation Helps
Students Learn of 'Real World'


Senate Bill 300, the Jobs Through Education Act, passed by the West Virginia Legislature, was far reaching in its goals. Taking up the challenge of implementing this program was the senior English classes at South Harrison taught by Mrs. Mary Jo Short.

This program is two-thirds completed and has seen students gain insight into their chosen careers. Here is what two students have done and their candid comments of the school-to-work experience.

Lisa Dunlap had the opportunity to shadow a professional photographer at Buffington Studios in Clarksburg.

She experienced the art of picture taking and learned about the technology and machinery used to process film.

"I found the assignment to be a good learning experience. It encouraged me to continue with my decision in becoming a photographer," said Ms. Dunlap.

Audra Wiseman spent the day at Custom Signs and Grafix to experience a day in the work life of a graphics designer.

Audra discovered that the career was not what she expected. She said that she felt it was a good experience and she plans to continue in this field of work, but will likely move out of the area.

Other students from the senior English classes have also spent an entire workday learning about the real world of their chosen occupations.

The following businesses have graciously provided work-based learning opportunities for the students: Sylvia Basile, Harrison County Commission Clerk; Bennett's Appraisals; United Hospital Center; Crestview Manor; Bridgeport High School; Weston Livestock Marketing; Good Hope Animal Hospital; All Pets Animal Clinic; Harrison Central Veterinary Hospital; Coach House at Staunton Gate; U.S. Armed Forces; KCI Aviation; Harry Green Chevrolet; Buffington Studio of Photography; Davis Funeral Home; New Image, Weston; Showshoe; Joe Trupo, U.S. Marshall; Smokey's Texas Style Barbeque; Clarksburg Publishing Company; Clarksburg Fire Department; Bridgeport Middle School; Colombo, Veltri and Browning; St. Patrick's School, Weston; Brandli Music Company; MSES Consultants Inc.; Harrison County Chamber of Commerce; United Technical Center, and many other businesses that will soon prepare to have students visit and experience the world of work.

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School Improvement Council
Works for Betterment of School


The School Improvement Council at South Harrison High School has been working since the beginning of the 1996-97 school year to achieve such goals as completing the installation of new technology equipment, improving computer and science labs and upgrading athletic facilities.

The council consists of teachers Jane Byrd, Norma Taylor, Anne Yost and Greg Moore. Other members include Barbara Lefebure, Sharon Allman, Marsha Doak, Diane McWhorter, Marvin Morris and student representative Alyssa Smith.

The committee meets monthly to discuss strategies for improving the overall school community. "I think it's a committee that works for the school and attempts to make things better for students, staff and community," Ms. Taylor explained.

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Marching Band's Efforts Earn Accolades


The crowd waits patiently. Their eyes focused in the direction of the band. Their ears waiting to hear what the band is going to play. They hear the band director give the command of, "Ready and a one and a two and a one, two, three." For an ever so brief moment silence fills the air. Then the magic starts to happen. The band starts to play and the wonderful sound of music is all that can be heard. That wonderfully sweet sound fills the air bringing joy as well as excitement to all those who hear the chords rise and fall as the band plays on.

The band is by many considered to be one of the main driving forces behind the school and its morale. The band, directed by Skip Sabatelli, works hard day after day practicing its routines so that when the time arrives for the band members to put their skills to use, their work is flawless. Yet the band does more than just play during halftime or at pep rallies; it travels to events both near and far so it may share the musical talents of the students with the world. The band has performed at events such as the Liberty Band Spectacular, the Salem Apple Butter Festival, the Autumn Glory Festival, the Veterans Day Parade and the Clarksburg Christmas Parade.

Both the high school and the middle school bands combined forces to put on the annual winter concert held this year in the South Harrison theater on Dec. 15, 1996.

The South Harrison band also received an opportunity to play for Cecil Underwood in West Milford during his campaign for governor of West Virginia. Gov. Underwood then invited the band to play during the inaugural ceremony on Jan. 13, at the state Capitol in Charleston.

South Harrison band members have devoted more than just their time, but their hearts and souls to play their instruments for all those who will hear.

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South Harrison
Well Represented
At Math Field Day


On November 26, 1996, South Harrison High School participated in the Harrison County Mathorama, otherwise known as Math Field Day, at Salem-Teikyo University. Each high school in the county sent two teams composed of sophomores, juniors and seniors to compete in a variety of events, including individual testing and team activities. Awards were given both to teams and individuals. South Harrison's team placed fifth and tenth out of the twelve teams competing. Michael Potvin placed ninth in the individual scoring and thus qualified for the regional RESA VII competition to be held this spring.

Participants at the MFD in cluded: Potvin, Justin Lawrence, Luke Blair, Audrey Dawson, Eric Nutter, Chris Vanfossen and Morgan Warner. Freshmen participating in a separate division were Melissa Johnson, Zach McClain and Ryan Barker.

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Lady Hawks Making Name for Themselves


What team comes to mind when you think about one of the most successful volleyball teams not only in the county, but in the state as well? None other than South Harrison's own Lady Hawks Varsity Volleyball team.

The Lady Hawks enjoyed a good year staying ranked within the Top Five all season. You don't make it to the top without hard work though, and the "No Pain, No Gain" attitude seemed to hold true for the Lady Hawks. Spending hours weekly in training helped the Hawks to sharpen their skills so that they could beat all opponents who dared to step onto the volleyball court with them.

Of course with hard work comes a payoff. The Hawks' payoff was a trip to the regional tournaments. Upon winning the regionals, the Hawks moved on to claim the divisional playoffs. The Lady Hawks were stopped at the state level by Wirt County.

The Hawks cannot be denied being called a first class team with their impressive record this season. The Hawks ended their season with a total of 21 wins and a mere three losses.

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Students Participate in Annual Science Fair


On Dec. 18, 1996, South Harrison High School held its annual Science Fair.

Students placed their projects in the school library and various classrooms according to categories.

The students were judged by Lenore Hinkle, Geraldine Hawkinberry, Paul Holyfield, John Marra, Barbara Fidler and Bill Holly from the FBI.

Later this year, students that qualify will advance to the County Science Fair to be held at the Meadowbrook Mall.

Students will then use judges' comments and score sheets to better prepare their projects for the highest level of competition. Students who placed in the science fair included:

Energy and Engineering _First place tie, Lora Gabriel and Andre Potvin; third place, Mike Cuppett; honorable mention, T.J. Watson and Chad Short; Botany _first place, Seth Marple; second place, Eddie Butcher; third place, Christina Gorman and Stacey Simmons; Zoology _ first place, Matt Jones; second place, Ben Hill and Eric Burnside; Chemistry and Biochemistry _ first place, Diane Cross; second place tie, Amanda Bennett and Jeff White; third place, Jessica Little; honorable mention, Emily Stutler; Earth and Space Science _ first place, Annette Williamson; second place, Jason Lantz; Matt Fonash; third place, Joni Sandy; Physics, Math and Computers _ first place, Scott Sinclair and Duke Minnix; second place, Joey Showen; third place, Ron Kelley; Medicine, Health and Microbiology _ first place, Kristina Snyder and Rebecca Roth; second place, Nikki Godfrey; Behavioral and Social Sciences _ first place, Marjorie Rapking; second place, Veronica Fragmin and Danielle Bailey.

Mrs. Robin Angling, Science Fair coordinator, commented, "I was very pleased with the participation by so many of our students. They did a great job considering many of them had never participated in a science fair before."

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