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Cann, Bennett, Meighen win Harrison board

(May 13) The woman who pledged to bring a mother's view and concerns to the Harrison County Board of Education was the top vote-getter in Tuesday's non-partisan school board election. Both incumbents were unseated in the heavily contested race.

With all 93 precincts counted, Sally J. Cann of Bridgeport, Eastern District, managed to garner 4,503 votes to secure one of the three open seats on the board. Other winners include James E. Bennett of Bristol, Southwest District, 4,094 votes and D.D. Meighen, Southern District, 3,356 votes.

A. Garrett Snyder, a two-term incumbent from the Southwest District, received 2,019 votes. He said he "hoped only for the best for the school board and for the kids."

W.D. "Bud" Pritchard, incumbent from the Eastern District, received 2,854 votes. He monitored the election from the courthouse for most of the evening and was not available for comment after the results were tabulated.

Cann said she believed that the voters showed it was time to have a greater diversity of opinions on the board.

"As a mother and as a woman, I just think it was time. Hopefully we can work together to produce positive programs for our educational system," she said.

Bennett, a former superintendent of schools for Harrison County, "said he is looking forward to the opportunity to serve with both the current and new board members.

"I believe those who were elected and those on the board have a similar platform to mine, and I think we'll work well together. Nothing is accomplished for the kids if adults fight among themselves," he said.

The race to fill the third seat remained tight clear down to the wire. Meighn was followed closely by Emma Mae Clevenger of Clarksburg, North Urban District, with 3,313 votes and Tim Cotter of Bridgeport, Eastern District, who finished with 2,971.

Meighen said he was grateful to be among the top five for most of the night.

"I consider this a victory for after-school programs and the opportunity to involve the community in the schools for the sake of the children," Meighen said.

Other voter totals include Gary Fain of Lumberport, Northern, 2,809;Todd Kiger of Clarksburg, South Urban, 1,731; Don Knotts of Clarksburg, South Urban, 1,698; Paul Hamrick of Clarksburg, Eastern, 1,542; Tammy Phillips of Shinnston, Northern, 1,307; Jerry Isaacs of Hepzibah, Eastern, 1,144; Francis McQuillan of Clarksburg, South Urban, 574; John Reesman of Shinnston, Northern, 537 and Lester Loving of Bridgeport, Eastern, 352.

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