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Bob 'n' Along for June 21

Local paper's Easter edition from 1897 described

Les Holdsworth, a retired executive with the Lowndes Bank, delivered a wealth of information to me dated back to 1897. Among the items was a Woman's Easter Edition of the Clarksburg News at a price of 10 cents.

Although the pages were somewhat brittle, inside was a brief history of the state of West Virginia. The information in the booklet was dated Friday, April 16, 1897.

Because space for Bob'n'Along is somewhat limited, I'll just describe the some of the textual and photographic contents and I'll save mention of the businesses that advertised and their locations for a subsequent column.

Pictured is Christ Church, which is now Christ Episcopal Church at the corner of West Main and Sixth streets in downtown Clarksburg.

With different writers contributing, there were sections on Clarksburg, the North-Western Virginia Academy, the Observance of Easter by the Christian churches, Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson (plus an illustration of the house in which he was born, on West Main Street), a History of the Easter Festival, an article "A New Jersey Spinster in California" and other features.

In addition, there was a listing of the managers of the Clarksburg News.

These included:

Mrs. Elizabeth Albin Northcott, editor; Miss Lillie Hart, associate editor; Mrs. R.S. Gardner, business manager; Miss S. Scollay Page, manager of advertising; Mrs. Richard T. Lowndes, treasurer; Mrs. Henry T. Wilson, editor of the Art Department; Mrs. Winfield S. Price, editor of the Music Department; Miss Lillie Hart, editor of the Children's Department, and Miss Emily Stoner Garrard, editor of the Local and Social Department.

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Miss Wanda Ross of 436 Capitol Ave. in Clarksburg's Broadway section left with me some information about the early 1900s in Clarksburg. She said:

"My mother was born and raised in Grafton, Taylor County. She came to Clarksburg at an early age about 1900-1908. There was a two-story department store on Main Street owned and operated by a Mr. Lockwood. My mother was employed for a number of years on the second floor in the material department."

Miss Ross asks if any senior citizens living today could provide the exact location on Main Street and any other information possible about the store.

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Before I forget to do so, my apologies are extended to the Clarksburg Parks Board, its Executive Director John Cooper and President John Brunetti.

An item in last Sunday's Bob'n'Along, praising Elaine Lucente for her efforts on the Elk Creek cleanup project in Clarksburg and the clearing of debris from the Monticello Avenue Playground, failed to mention Cooper, Brunetti and the parks board for their efforts as well.

A tip o' the hat to them as well.

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C.E. Wilkerson of Cookeville, Tenn. has e-mailed me again to express appreciation for mentioning his plight to find former Woolworth dimestore associates in the area. He said he has received Ñand expects -- a few more.

If there are any former Woolworth employees reading this column who haven't responded to Wilkerson, the address is 1957 Glenrose Circle, Cookeville, Tn. 38506, or e-mail him at

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To all you dads -- (especially mine) -- my best wishes for a happy Father's Day!