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Exponent-Telegram editorial for Saturday, September 19, 1998

Town of Anmoore handling layoffs well

One of our area communities is feeling the long-reaching effect of the Asian economic crisis, and we've got to admire the way in which they are dealing with its impact.

A decline in sales in the semi-conductor industry is resulting from the crisis. The drop led to the UCAR Carbon Company's announcement last week that it will have to lay off 55 of its 290 employees. The action is expected to take place by Sept. 25th.

Losing a job is never any fun. But those affected by the recent news of layoffs -- both directly and indirectly -- would seem to be taking an optimistic approach to the situation.

No grievance has been filed by the employee's union over the layoffs. Business owners, who benefit from UCAR employees spending money with them, aren't in a panic. Town officials aren't talking "gloom and doom."

Fact is, Anmoore has weathered this type of storm before. They've seen the good and the bad effects of the economy, and have always seemed to adapt. The town experienced a similar set of layoffs several years ago.

Anmoore officials apparently see no reason to view this situation any differently. While they depend on business and occupation tax revenues from the plant for a good percentage of the town's budget, they aren't worried.

According to Mayor Pete Grogg, a "healthy" savings is available to Anmoore that will likely compensate for any decrease in production that would result in less tax revenue.

Job layoffs aren't good for any community, and Anmoore is no exception. But there's something to be said for the way in which its residents and town officials are confronting this reality.

--Kevin S. Courtney