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Clarksburg Fall Cleanup campaign kicks off today

by Paul Leakan


Year after year, fall is ushered in by the usual suspects: Leaves transform into fiery reds, yellows and purples. Squirrels gather nuts. And, in Clarksburg, city workers round up junk.

The city's annual three-week Fall Cleanup kicks off today. City workers will load up open trucks with residents' unwanted possessions, such as broken stoves, washers, dryers, rotten mattresses and hot water tanks.

The free service, which is similar to the city's springtime cleanup, was designed to help citizens clean up their houses and property by toting away items that are too bulky for normal garbage pick-up.

Anthony Bellotte, superintendent at the Public Works Department and coordinator of the cleanup, feels the effort is one of the city's most popular.

"This is one of the many great things we offer as a service," Bellotte said. "It's definitely one that's well used.

"It helps people all year long when they have items that are too large for the garbage to pick up," he added. "It helps people not only with the outside of their homes, but the interior as well. They now know that they can hold onto the stuff, because we will pick it up two times a year."

The city will collect most large items. But refrigerators, air conditioners and freezers won't be picked up unless they have been properly tagged with professional proof that Freon has been removed from them.

Vehicle batteries, liquids, tires or vehicle parts will not be accepted. Citizens are urged to take batteries to official acceptance sites, such as Interstate Batteries on 1375 Nutter St. Used motor oil can be taken to AutoZone on 106 West Main St. And tires can be dropped off at the Meadowfill Landfill on Dawson Drive in Bridgeport for a fee ranging from $2 for passenger tires and up to $100 for off-road tires.

In addition, all small items must be boxed, bagged or tied. No loose items or materials from contracted jobs will be accepted. And all containers must be disposable and light enough for one city worker to hoist into a truck.

Residents should place their items at the curb or in the alley where their garbage is usually picked up, Bellotte said. Each area of the city has a specific day assigned for collection.

Any questions should be directed to the Public Works Department, 701 North Third St., at 624-1611 or 624-1612.

The schedule follows.

Monday, Sept. 21 -- Adamston (all customers regularly serviced on Mondays), Glenwood Hills and Edgewood Addition.

Tuesday, Sept. 22 -- Glen Elk; the north side of W. Pike Street from North Fourth Street to the West End Bridge, including Walnut, Hewes, Mulberry, Beech, Birch, Locust, Northcott, Everett, Peck, Gandy and any other side street normally picked up on Tuesdays.

Wednesday, Sept. 23 -- Baltimore and Coleman Avenues, A&B Streets, Point Comfort, all streets on both sides of West Pike Street to the Adamston Bridge. In Adamston, all regular Wednesday customers.

Thursday, Sept. 24 -- North View, from North 12th Street to the south side of North 19th Street, and all streets in that area that are usually picked up on Thursdays.

Friday, Sept. 25 -- North View, from North 19th Street to the Rolland Factory and Riverside Addition. All streets normally picked up on Friday in that area.

Monday, Sept. 28 -- In the Stealey area: Park Boulevard, Fairview, Grove, Kuhl, Milford Street from Baker Avenue to Waverly Way and all streets and courts in between that are normally pick up Mondays.

Tuesday, Sept. 29 -- From the Milford Street Bridge to Baker Avenue: all streets on the north side of Milford to Winding Way that are picked up on Tuesdays.

Wednesday, Sept. 30 -- From Sampson Street; the south side of Milford Street to the VA Bridge. Also Stoneybrooke, Hartland, Chestnut Hills, South Chestnut Street (only the portion normally picked up on Wednesday) and the surrounding streets in that area.

Thursday, Oct. 1 -- From the West End Bridge; all streets on the south side of West Pike and West Main streets: Glendale, Holt, Ferry, Stuart, Sumner, Dale, Washington, Dodge Court, Jasper and Lynch. Also the sections of Lee, Hornor, and all side streets up to South Fifth Street. And South Chestnut from West Main Street to Kramer Drive and all streets in that area usually picked up on Thursdays.

Friday, Oct. 2 -- From Water Street to South Fifth Street; everything on the southside of West Main Street up to Clifton. Both sides of West Pike Street from Water Street to Second Street; School, Chapel, Sheridan, Gore and North First.

Monday, Oct. 5 -- Broadway; Marshall Street to Buckhannon Pike at Haymond Highway; Waldeck, Lang, Spring, Hedge, Rosemont, St. Clair and a portion of Harrison Street that is normally picked up on Monday.

Tuesday, Oct. 6 -- Upper Broad Oaks, Suan Terrace, Arbutus Park and Nixon Plaza, plus any streets in the surrounding area serviced each Tuesday.

Wednesday, Oct. 7 -- Monticello to Elm: south side of East Main Street including Maple, Clay, Carr, Despard, Elm, Vermont, Point, Tyler, Howard, Harrison and all the streets in the area usually picked up regularly on Wednesdays.

Thursday, Oct. 8 -- Goff Plaza; all streets on the north side of East Main Street; East Pike Street, from North Monticello to Linden Avenue; side streets in the area of Church, Grant, Jackson, Oak, Meigs and Maple.

Friday, Oct. 9 -- Kelly Hill, both sides of East Pike, from Linden to city limits; Glen Elk No. 2, Montpelier Addition and surrounding streets serviced on Fridays. The Hill ÔN' Dale area is also scheduled.