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More tests may be needed in Anthoefer case

by Troy Graham


(June 23) DNA test results completed last week may prove a German man's claim that former Weston Mayor Louis Craig was his father.

But, Brigham Young University scientists say they must conduct more tests before a conclusive result can be reached.

Franz Anthoefer said "the results are more in favor" of his claim that Craig, a United States serviceman in Germany following World War II, was his father.

"I cannot tell you how much percentage they have to have to say in court that he's my father. They're close; they're still working on it," Anthoefer said. "No matter what the results say, I'll still try to establish paternity in a court case."

Anthoefer used public records to track Craig to Weston 20 years ago only to discover that Craig had died. After being inspired by a television program about DNA testing on mummified remains, Anthoefer obtained a court order in 1996 to exhume Craig's body to take a DNA sampling to prove paternity.

At the time, it was believed that the results would take four to six weeks to complete. Scott Woodward, a biologist at BYU, where the sample was sent, said the case was "above average" in difficulty because of the embalming.

"There are a lot of things here we usually don't deal with in our mummy work and our other ancient work," he said.

Woodward said more tests must be done to reach a more conclusive result, but he refused to elaborate. He also refused to say what the results on Craig's DNA revealed, saying that he promised Anthoefer that he would not discuss the case publicly.

Dr. Irvin Sopher, with the state's Medical Examiner's Office, will receive a copy of Woodward's results, but Sopher did not return a phone call Monday seeking comment.

Anthoefer said he was not sure when a conclusive result would be available.

"I've been told two weeks, two weeks, two weeks. I wouldn't want to put pressure on him (Woodward) in these last few weeks," he said.

While living in Lewis County and waiting for the results, Anthoefer ran for mayor of Weston in the 1997 election under the name Louis Craig Jr. He was deported the day before the election because his visa had expired.

He went on a hunger strike while waiting in jail to be deported.

Anthoefer has continued to keep his name in the European media in the last year and he has not ruled out another hunger strike or a demonstration in front of the American embassy in Germany, he said.

He has been featured in stories in major Italian, French and German publications, and he will be the subject of a BBC radio interview this week. He has also appeared several times on German television.

Anthoefer continues to blast the American government for deporting him before he had a chance to prove in court that Craig is his father.

A German court has already recognized that Craig is his father.

"The situation right now is that I'm not allowed to visit the grave of my father and I find that humiliating," he said. "I think it's obstruction of justice."

Anthoefer said he has applied for another visa to visit the United States. He hopes to have his day in court after the DNA results are completed and apply for U.S. citizenship.

"Once paternity is established and people say he was right all along, I hope it's not necessary to fight for American citizenship," he said.