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Taylor has 50 percent turnout

by Jeff Toquinto


(May 14) Voter turnout was light Tuesday across most of West Virginia, but Taylor County came in with the highest turnout in the state, according to Deputy Secretary of State Jan Casto.

"I think it was light," said Casto. "I don't think there were any specific problems why it was low, but you can probably look at it as an off-year election without a presidential race or one for governor."

Casto's statewide voter figures Wednesday showed that more than 33 percent of the state's registered voters cast their ballots.

"I think that total will be reflective of the final numbers," she said. "But, we won't have an official total until the canvass of the vote, which starts Friday, is complete."

Casto said Taylor, with 50.76 percent of its voters hitting the polls, was also the highest of any county reporting so far.

"For this election, that number is just great," said Casto.

Other unofficial area totals included Gilmer County at 43 percent; Harrison County at 36.1 percent; Randolph County at 34.8 percent; Upshur County at 32.2 percent; Lewis County at 29.5 percent.

"The numbers are higher, generally, in areas that have local races of interest," said Casto.

In Taylor County, the excess levy in Grafton combined with the Grafton City Council race may have increased interest.

Casto said Tuesday's statewide elections didn't offer many problems.

"I think everything went relatively smooth," she said. "There were no big, catastrophic problems."

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