Telegram editorial

Poor sportsmanship has no place after an election is decided

The ability to concede defeat gratefully after an election is expected of an unsuccessful candidate, in our opinion, as much as it's expected of an athletic team or participant who falls short of winning a coveted title.

In fact, an individual's true character is displayed more clearly by showing he is able to handle a loss than by a winner happily shaking hands and complimenting his not-so-fortunate foe.

However, Mike Queen, the loser in the race for Harrison County circuit clerk, made some not-so-kind remarks about winner Donnie Kopp.

How could Queen Ñ or for that matter any other candidate who fell short of victory Ñ make statements to the effect that Kopp won mainly because of name recognition and because he was looking for a job to get on the payroll.

It makes little difference to us whether the statement is made just after the vote results are announced or several months later.

It's not always true that the most qualified candidate becomes the winner. Often it's the more popular vote-seeker. (Many times, it's neither.)

We consider it fortunate that the race for Harrison County circuit clerk between Donnie Kopp and Mike Queen did not get very negative before and during the Primary Election campaign.

We only wish the aftermath of the race would have been nearly as free from negative comments.

-- Robert F. Stealey