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By Ellen Highland Fernandez

Current Column

Finding Disability Support on the Web

You have been told that your child will have a disability or perhaps you yourself have one. Or perhaps you have a friend, co-worker, or family member who has a disability and you want to become more knowledgeable. Where do you turn? Why if you are a web voyager, you turn to the World Wide Web of course!

For resources on Disabilities, the Disability Links is a good place to start. It contains links to information on aging, aids to daily living, Americans with Disabilities Act, assistive technologies, careers and employment, children/parenting, cognitive disabilities, computer software and aids, education links, government/legal resources links, medical resources, mental disabilities, mobility devices, non-profit services, physical disabilities, prosthetics/medical devices, publications, recreation/sports, rehabilitation, sensory disabilities, and travel.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law on July 26, 1990. It is a wide-ranging legislation intended to make American society more accessible to people with disabilities. It covers employment, public services, public accommodations, telecommunications, and other issues. To learn more about this legislation see the Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center .

Also check ADA and Disability Resources which includes a state listing of Centers for Independent Living, ADA resources, legal information, general disability information, university based disability information, and legal resources.

Locally, we have a wonderful site: The West Virginia Rehabilitation Research and Training Center . It is a national center which conducts research and training to assist persons with disabilities into employment, the community, and independence through information technology.

Specific Disabilities

Looking for information on a specific disability? Check Easter Seals web site . A direct link to Yahoo's listing will give you links to disabilities not usually mentioned in other lists such as dwarfism.

If you are seeking information on specific disability that is not "on the lists" go to the search engines and begin searching for it by name.

Many of the organizations for specific disabilities have mailing lists and/or news groups. These groups can be a wonderful source for information and support. Check their web sites and, if you don't see the information you are looking for, write to the site's Webmaster. These sites exist to help others and give information.


The President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities tells about the President's committee and committee projects, the Job Accommodation Network, business focus, state liaisons, and publications.

The City of San Antonio, Texas and the Disability Advisory Committee have prepared a Disability Etiquette Handbook to enhance opportunities for persons with disabilities to pursue their careers and independent lifestyles. It is worth reading by EVERYONE as it covers topics such as reasonable accommodation in the work place, reception etiquette, conversational etiquette, interview scheduling etiquette, interviewing technique etiquette, interviewing courtesies for effective communication, do's and don'ts, and includes a glossary of acceptable terms.

Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board , created in 1973, has served the nation as the only independent federal agency whose primary mission is accessibility for people with disabilities.

The Invisible Disabilities Site talks about the feelings of one with a disability on its FAQ page.


Regarding December 7 column on Genealogy - Joy Gilchrist wrote to me about a local Genealogy site at Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants. There is also a Genealogy discussion list for Harrison County at the Harrison County, West Virginia, GenWeb Page .

As you voyage down the cyber-path, you are encouraged to send me your ideas for topics you would like to see discussed and to share your favorite links. Send correspondence to me at: e-mail: Webmaster@cpubco.com, via post: Web Voyager, Ellen H. Fernandez, PO Box 2000, Clarksburg, WV 26302, or through our web site. Phone: 626-1466.


Ellen Highland Fernandez is the Webmaster for Clarksburg Publishing Company's site and her column appears on the first and third Sundays every month in the Sunday Exponent-Telegram

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