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By Ellen Highland Fernandez

Current Column

Learning the Law from the Web Do you want to know your legal rights or are you looking for a lawyer? Where to you turn? To the World Wide Web of course! This column will list some places where you can go to get more informed. These sites will not replace a lawyer, but will help you to understand the law better and be able to converse with your lawyer on a more scholarly level.

The web has tons of law related sites. If you have a specific interest area, you might want to start with Yahoo's Law Search.

Another good starting point is the search engine "Law Crawler".

FindLaw is a comprehensive law library. It includes Law Reviews, World Wide Sites with Legal Information, US Government Sites, U.S. Constitution, U.S. Code, and Supreme Court Opinions. It also includes Foreign & International Resources Country Pages, International Law, and International Trade.

FindLaw's Supreme Court Opinions consists of a searchable database of Supreme Court decisions since 1893.

For a good overview of the law, check out Cornell Law School's Law Topics . It contains a discussion of the law, including recent decisions. The 18 primary categories include Law of Commercial Transactions, Intellectual Property, Taxation, Constitutional Law, Individual Rights, Family Law, Employment Law, Accident and Injury Compensation and Prevention, and Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure.

The Internet Legal Resource Guide is a categorized index of 3,100 select web sites in 238 nations, islands, and territories, as well as locally stored web pages and other files. It emphasizes the United States. It includes all law reviews & journals on the web and links to law research tools.

Another resource guide is The World Wide Web Virtual Library Law Index

"LawRunner: A Legal Research Tool" offers advanced query templates to facilitate usage of complex query parameters.

Legal forms to print out can be found at The Electronic Legal Source . The forms maintained at this site are divided into the categories of Litigation and Transactional Forms.

The Electronic Legal Source also includes a Law Dictionary where you can look up definitions to law terminology.

If you are looking for a lawyer or want to check the credentials of a lawyer, go to the Martindale Hubbel Attorney Search where you can locate a lawyer, other legal personnel, or a law firm by name. You can also locate a lawyer by area of practice, location, or language. I did a search, by name, of a local lawyer and received the following information about him. I got the name and contact information for his law firm, his position, his areas of practice, case information, bar admission date, education, date of birth, and other tidbits.

When you have exhausted your search and are ready for some legal relaxation go to Outrageous Lawsuits . The site includes links to "Lawyer Jokes" and "Dumbest Things Ever Said In Court".

Regional Law

For a collection of local government Codes of Ordinances from around the United States go to www.municode.com/database.html. West Virginia, however is not currently included.

For those specifically interested in West Virginia, here are some sites which will interest you.

The West Virginia State constitution is at www.harbornet.com/rights/w-virgin.txt. A daily summary of state laws passed by the West Virginian State legislature is posted at www.wvlc.wvnet.edu/legisinfo/sum.html. State Supreme court opinions are found at /www.state.wv.us/wvsca/Opinions.htm. Tax forms are online at www.state.wv.us/wvsca/Opinions.htm. The state's main page can be found at www.state.wv.us/.

As you voyage down the cyber-path, you are encouraged to send me your ideas for topics you would like to see discussed and to share your favorite links. Send correspondence to me at: e-mail: Webmaster@cpubco.com, via post: Web Voyager, Ellen H. Fernandez, PO Box 2000, Clarksburg, WV 26302, or through our web site. Phone: 626-1466.

EDITOR'S NOTE Ellen Highland Fernandez is the Webmaster for Clarksburg Publishing Company's site and her column appears on the first and third Sundays every month in the Sunday Exponent-Telegram

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