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By Ellen Highland Fernandez

Current Column

Christmas around the world

Christmas traditions are not all the same. Each country has its own way of celebrating December 25. This year, take the time to tour the world during the week of Christmas.

My personal favorite site is WorldView Christmas . From this site, you can link to Christmas traditions in different countries and then continue following the links to learn more about the country. You can go to the site to find out why people in the Congo prepare a special dinner and place it on tables outside their houses, what harasa is in Iran, why Scotland celebrates Hogmanay and learn what children in Brazil do with their shoes.

Another wonderful site is the Christmas Calendar . Click on each day to learn how Christmas is celebrated in different countries. The entry for December 12 was about Latvia. The entry read, in part, "We celebrate Christmas on December 24. First we eat Christmas dinner. We eat chicken, peas, bread, apple pie and chocolate. Grownups drink champagne or martini but children drink juice. After dinner we sing songs or poems to get a present."

Travel to a Christmas site in Finland to learn about Joulupukki. Read how their visit from Santa Claus differs from most other countries.

In Iceland , the Christmas season is refered to as Yule. Learn why.

Christmas in Poland is a magical time where, on Christmas eve "animals are said to talk in a human voice and people have the power to tell the future."

Finally, to learn the origins of Christmas and Christmas customs, go to http://www.soon.org.uk/christmas.htm.

Food around the world

One common denominator among all the countries is Christmas is a time of sharing and being with family. When everyone gathers together, they tend to eat and eat and eat. Here are some sites for Christmas recipes from around the world.

Food and Wine magazine shares recipes from plum pudding to Kletzenbrot and gives examples of the different meals favored by different countries.

Santa's favorite foods and recipes lists a large variety of recipes to try. It includes turon from Spain, pudding from France and of course pumpkin pie from the United States.

Epicurious magazine offers recipes from Europe

Better Homes and Gardens helps plan your holiday meals. You simply click on the recipe you want and they will prepare a shopping list, make-ahead calendar, and a printable recipe list for you.

Gingerbread is a favorite Christmas tradition. Check out the history of the Gingerbread. Prefer an Amish Cookie, go to http://holiday.ritech.com/christmas/recipe.html for this and other recipes.

Want a Italian Christmas feast, look at for a lobster macaroni dish. Buon Appetite!

If you are not really concerned about the meal being a "traditional dish" and you just want to try something different, go to The Recipe Concentration , a country orientated recipe-site database. Another starting point site is from Yahoo .

Have a wonderful Christmas.

As you voyage down the cyber-path, you are encouraged to send me your ideas for topics you would like to see discussed and to share your favorite links. Send correspondence to me at: e-mail: Webmaster@cpubco.com, via post: Web Voyager, Ellen H. Fernandez, PO Box 2000, Clarksburg, WV 26302, or through our web site. Phone: 626-1466.

EDITOR'S NOTE Ellen Highland Fernandez is the Webmaster for Clarksburg Publishing Company's site and her column appears on the first and third Sundays every month in the Sunday Exponent-Telegram

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