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If you've ever closed your eyes and felt the haunting beauty of a classical piece of music, you've experienced at least one good reason to become a member of the Clarksburg Community Concert Association. Or maybe you've tapped your feet to the rousing rhythms of an energetic dance production. Reason number 2.

But perhaps the most important reason for joining the CCA can be found in its name: community.

"The fact that we have a cultural offering of this sort right here in Clarksburg is just wonderful. Here is an opportunity for people to be exposed to beautiful, challenging music and dance, without having to drive nearly two hours to Pittsburgh or Charleston," says Bill Lear, CCA president.

"The cultural activities available to the citizens of a community play an important part in the quality of life. Not only can the activities be enjoyed, but they also offer a distinctive sense of place and belonging to residents. They're also vital to a community's social enhancement," Lear says.

Campaign chairman Jeanie Hardesty adds, "It's important for the heart of the community to have good cultural offerings, a variety of events that are accessible. Plus, the events are affordable for everybody."

The Community Concert Association, presently in the midst of its membership drive, is responsible for bringing acts such as John Bayless, Brenda Boozer, The Alvin Ailey Repertory Ensemble, and a host of famed orchestras and dance troupes.

And those wishing to join this season are promised yet another year of unequaled program enjoyment. "This is your opportunity to enjoy good music, good dance. Something better than rock 'n roll," Lear says.

The 1997-1998 season offers an extraordinary compilation of exquisite performances, with an added benefit for new members.

Those joining this season will also experience _ as the new member bonus concert _ the last show of the '96-'97 season: the spectacular Nevada Dance Theatre.

Scheduled for 3 p.m. Sunday, April 20, this troupe of 25 dancers is a uniquely integrated company composed of youthful vigor, ethnic flavor, contemporary excitement and traditional classics. Under the guidance of Vassili Sulich, founder and artistic director, the group is rooted in ballet, with flashes of Las Vegas excitement.

The first official offering of the '97-'98 season will be The Gipsy Hungarian Orchestra at 3 p.m. on Oct. 5.

Considered in Hungary to be one of the most famoous in its field, the orchestra, under the direction of Antal Szalai, has frequently toured abroad, with three recordings to date. The performers, all gipsies themselves, promote the tradition of popular Hungarian music through a vast repertoire, ranging from breathtaking rhapsodies to adaptations of today's popular music.

From the fiery, spirited folk czardas to the gentle whispering of the serenedes, the audience will be swept into the soul of the wandering gipsy.

On Nov. 19, young violinist phenomenon, Tricia Park, will take to the stage with a brand of music that's been described as "intelligent," "elegant," "first-rate," "confident."

With a resume that belies her age, Ms. Park brings to her performance an outstanding background. A native of Seattle, she began studying the violin at age six. In 1989 she appeared in her first solo orchestral engagement with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and she's been soaring ever since. She has given recitals throughout the U.S. and won raves for her performance at the Ravinia Rising Stars series. She appeared with famed conductor and violinist Pinchas Zukerman at the opening of the Aspen Music Festival's Harris Concert Hall, and was singled out by "The New York Times" as a major new talent.

Currently studying at The Julliard School, she undoubtedly heads the list of a talented and rising group of young artists on the international concert scene.

The final show of the season involves an "instrument-less band" which has been called "the hippest and hottest acappella group to hit the airwaves."

"Rockapella," the house band for the PBS TV series, "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego," is a five-man acappella group whose sound is an infectious blend of rock, pop, rhythm and blues and jazz. Its brash mix of styles is popular with all ages.

The group formed on a Manhattan street corner several years ago for the sheer love of performing in front of people. Those early audiences prepared them for the sold-out crowds they sing to noawadays, appearing with such names as Billy Joel, Sting, Don Henley, Styx and Warren Zevon at a range of national events.

According to "The New York Post," "It's not a stretch to imagine these guys playing instruments when you close your eyes and listen," while "The Boston Globe" says their album "is testimony to how truly fine music can easily cross the age barrier."

All the CCA performances are staged in the beautiful Rose Garden Theatre. Says Mrs. Hardesty, "There's a great ambience to the building and many performers have commented about what a truly delightful theatre we have for our community.

"An added feature is the seating. Guests can choose anything from the front row to the balcony. Children love that. Wherever they want to sit, they're welcome to."

In addition to Bill Lear and Jeanie Hardesty, other officers of the CCA include Kip Martin, secretary; Mary Tom Stamm, publicity chairman, and Esther Davis, treasurer.

The CCA membership drive is officially open through April 11, but orders will be considered beyond that date by mailing them to Clarksburg Community Concert Association, P.O. Box 525, Clarksburg, WV 26302-0525. More information may be obtained by calling the campaign office at 623-1552.

Community Concert Association season

offers enchanting mix of music, dance;

membership drive currently in progress

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