FBI Arrests West Virginia militia members
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FBI Arrests West Virginia militia members on charges they plotted to place explosives near the FBI facility in Clarksburg, which the bureau recently opened as its fingerprint records center.
The Investigation: Step-by-Step Details of Alleged Plot

Richards told he doesn't have to talk to defense (AP)

Rogers files claim for unemployment

Looker files court motion to throw out audiotapes (AP)

FBI informant will remain in seclusion pending trial; Looker trial may be separate (AP)

Looker granted more time to prepare motions (AP)

Looker seeks to have indictment thrown out (AP)

Militia leader parts ways with defense strategist (AP)

Looker's record under scrutiny

Looker will represent himself (AP)

Magistrate to Allow Looker to Represent Himself (AP)

Alleged militiaman free on bond

Federal district judge enters order to revoke the detention of Rogers

Home lost in fire that of FBI informant's girlfriend

Looker Denies Involvement in Arson (AP)

Militia Leader Fires Second Lawyer (AP)

Defendants in bomb plot case to seek delays in their trials (AP)

Militia Defendants to File Motions Seeking Trial Delay (AP)

Lawyer Never Spoke to Looker During Month-Long Vacation

Forget Christmas Shopping,Defense Lawyers Will Be Busy (AP)

Militia Commander Looker Tries to Axe Lawyer, Again (AP)

Looker Arraignment Set

Informant under fire 4 men arraigned in bomb plot case (AP)

Informant Okie Richards Could Earn Up to $500,000 in Reward Money (AP)

In alleged FBI center plot Arraignment for 6 of 7 set Friday in Wheeling

Mazzei Files Motion To Have Rogers Released

Ashcraft Reflects on Militia Case

Militia Members Araigned

7 men with militia ties are named by fed grand jury (AP)

FBI agent testifies that Looker "admitted to everything"

More Unflattering Details Come Out Concerning Informant (AP)

More light shed on informant's identity

Detention hearing conducted Looker to be held without bail

Will Richards' Character Survive Scrutiny?

FBI Agent Claims Looker Confessed to Everything

Detention hearing today Looker: Informant was traitor, pathological liar (AP)

Government gets mileage out of informant (AP)

Looker detention hearing Thursday

Looker's Detention Hearing Set

New attorney for Looker

Rogers 'peaceful, law-abiding' at detention hearing, attorney says

Government's case against 7 is all on tape (AP)

Looker Granted New Counsel

Rogers' Attorney Questions Clients' Role in Bombing Plot

Two suspects in militia explosives case ordered
extradited by magistrate

Detention hearings for 6 of 7 set

Unity Gathering Promotes Positive Image for City

Rally planned to defuse negative publicity from militia arrests last week

Author says: Threat of smaller militia groups growing (AP)

FBI agents fan out to question other members of militia

Shock Still Resonates Throughout Clarksburg (AP)

Disenchanted Militia Member Tipped off FBI, Prosecutor Says (AP)

Conspiracy Stains Clarksburg's Image

Pastor Remembers Looker's 'Beautiful Voice'

Keeley Recalls Chilling Conversations with Looker

Spotlight Focuses on Local Militia in Bomb Plot

Looker: From Commander To Prisoner in Moments (AP)

Looker, 6 other members of W.Va. Militia arrested

FBI Arrests Five West Virginians in Alleged Bomb Plot (AP)


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