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By Bob Stealey
Previous Column

A Different Role

This is one of my first opportunities to express my gratitude at having been named editor of The Clarksburg Exponent.

As I was already editor of the Clarksburg Telegram, I will be taking on additional responsibilities. With the organization of the newspaper as announced more than a week ago by the publisher, Terry Horne, this means I'm also editor of the Sunday Exponent-Telegram and the soon-to-be Saturday Exponent-Telegram. So if you see me looking a mite confused at times, it's probably because I am.

And, as revealed at that time, I have named (and will be supervising) Tim Langer as city editor, Greg Talkington as Telegram news editor, Patrick Martin as Exponent news editor and John Miller as sports editor _ each of whom will be supervising others. Within two months, they may be ready to lynch me!

Prior to this time, I'd suggested to a number of readers who regularly contribute items for insertion in the Telegram to submit them _ in person or by mail _ to me. But this practice will be changing, effective immediately, especially since the Pony Express has been discontinued. Now, individuals will be asked to send in items to the city desk, managed by the city editor.

All items accepted are then turned over to the Telegram news editor for editing, if requested for that newspaper; to The Exponent news editor if for that paper, or to either news editor for either the Saturday or Sunday combined Exponent-Telegram editions. As for myself, I won't be receiving articles, but will be supervising others to be certain that the newsroom operation runs smoothly.

Articles submitted and accepted will be used on a priority-space-available basis. Unfortunately we can't guarantee that any article will appear on a certain date, but efforts will be made to publish dated material appropriately.

The steps I've mentioned are being taken to bring more organization into the newsroom operation, i.e., to present news, sports, lifestyles and features more closely in accordance with the wishes of our readers.

Two Offers

 Less than 24 hours after Bob'n'Along appeared in the Telegram last Friday, I received two phone calls at home no more than 15 minutes apart _ from two people who said they were in possession of the sheet music to the song, "Clarksburg, My Home Town." Then I received two messages on Monday that others had also found the music.

First to call Saturday was Mrs. Evelyn Harper of Rivendell Drive in Bridgeport who identified the composer of the piece as Cliff H. Selden. She added that Selden, who used to play in the Greater Clarksburg Band, wrote both the words and music to the song, which was published by the Kiwanis Club with a copyright of 1926. The second person to call was Betty Jo Nulter of 1716 Pearlman Ave. in North View.

Both said they would be happy to provide a copy to Mrs. Vance, who'd called earlier last week about finding the sheet music for the song. Each said there was additional information about Clarksburg printed with the music.

I hope this little tidbit of information will be helpful to Mrs. Vance and to anyone else interested.

When I arrived at work Monday, I spoke with Mrs. Barbara Hugus of West Milford, who said she had a copy of the sheet music. But she claimed it was written by the father of her friend, Mrs. Glenn (Frances) Troyer, now of South Bend, Ind., who claimed her father, Augustus "Gus" Smith, had written it.

Shortly afterward, well-known Clarksburg businessman Harry Berman called to say that he also had access to the music. He said that it was Cliff Selden who wrote "Clarksburg, My Home Town."

Hmmm! An interesting new development coming from an old piece of music. ___ Obscure Abbreviations

Somebody asked me the other day why, in our listing of Court Records that appears in both newspapers, do we include the abbreviations et al and et ux with no explanation as to their meaning.

These are Latin phrases used in the legal profession. Et al means and others. Et ux (or et uxor) means and wife.

And that reminds me: For those familiar with William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, 'remember one of the latter scenes in which Caesar fears he is being betrayed by one of his closest friends and asks, "Et tu, Brute?"

In today's age of fast food, it might be a real blast to rewrite the script just a bit to have Brutus say, "Yeah, and I'll eat two more!"

Comments are welcome in care of the Clarksburg Telegram, P.O. Box 2250, Clarksburg, W.Va. 26302-2250 or via e-mail

Updated January 28, 1997
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By Bob Stealey
Getting the Job Done

For those who have spent much time at all in a hospital, whether as an employee or a patient, and for those who have watched hospital-theme TV shows such as "E.R." and "Chicago Hope," well, you've likely heard it.

What's IT? The busy pace of action and dialogue in hospitals and medical centers, whether large or small. The moving of patients from their rooms to other rooms, to x-ray or therapy or to surgery.

The scurrying about of the doctors and nurses and other personnel up and down the corridors. The changing faces in the emergency department, from one incident or accident to another. And the waking of patients at night to be certain they're sleeping well.

But it's a new age. In the frenzied attempts to reduce costs to hospitals and with the predominance of downsizing, we see unlikely individuals performing unexpected functions.

What if we could paint a picture with words of the inside of a typical hospital, maybe one you're familiar with. The following might be a sample conversation between a clinical director, for example, and a chief nurse:

"Nurse Smith, who do we have on the hospital team to draw blood today since the phlebotomists have all been cut back?"

"Uh, Sir, we've just contracted with the grounds crew and they're sending up three of their best gardeners and also a tree surgeon with experience in tapping for maple syrup."

"Very well, and what about surgery _ the anesthesiology team?"

"That's taken care of too, Sir. We have the gas company coming in to turn on the valves."

"And the surgical assistants?"

"The hospital cook said he'd be right up after cutting up the chickens, Sir."

"Still, that's only a small part of our getting ready for the day. What about our I.V. crew?"

"Right again, Sir. Since they have experience with transporting plastic bags on a daily basis, there are four custodians due any minute from Maintenance."

"Great choice, Nurse Smith. And what about Radiology?"

"We're in good shape. We've got 'Flash' Jones, the hospital's public relations department photographer, all set to process the films."

"How about ICU and CCU?"

"Ready there, too, Sir. The hospital's Watchful Eye Day Care Center personnel have consented to take over these services."

"Gracious, Nurse Smith. I think I needn't ask you about the rest of the facility. 'Seems we're in great shape all around. I'm ready to report our progress to the medical staff."

"Er, uh, Sir, there IS one small problem."

"Oh, and what's that, Nurse Smith?"

"Our doctors are all taking a continuing education course at the medical center in the next town down the road."

"What are they doing there, Nurse?"

"They're enrolled in a class called 'How to Empty a Bedpan Like a True Professional'."

___Another Mystery

Practically no sooner than I had solved one musical mystery a week or two ago, another has surfaced.

After Bob'n'Along appeared in Tuesday's editions of the Telegram, I received a call that evening from a Mrs. Vance, who was curious as to whether I knew anyone who'd know where she could find the sheet music for a song, "Clarksburg, My Home Town."

Now I can't say that I'm even familiar with the piece, but I told Mrs. Vance I'd be glad to mention it in today's column. So if anyone might be familiar with where that caller might find the sheet music to that song, please let me know where and I'll use it in an upcoming column.

___Further Response

On Wednesday, another person called about Bob'n'Along. Jim "Mutt" Ash of Bridgeport was curious, also, about the "Drug Store Cowboys."

I mentioned that I knew next to nothing about the group, historically speaking.

Again, I'll use any bit of information about them that I receive from readers. And thanks, Mr. Ash, for your support.

Comments are welcome in care of the Clarksburg Telegram, P.O. Box 2250, Clarksburg, W.Va. 26302-2250 or via e-mail

Updated January 22, 1997
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