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Story Written by:
Marcia Thornton Jones & Debbie Dadey

Activities Written by:
Reta Broadway & Terri Darr Mclean

Illustrated by:
Chris Ware

Cover Design & Titling by:
Pyrographic Media


Chapter 4 - A Fetching Idea

Challenging Activities

  1. With what three things does Bailey like to play fetch?

  2. What does "for the umpteenth time" mean? Has anyone ever said this to you? When?

  3. Noodles offers to have Boo-Boo help Danny with his science project, but Danny refuses the robot’s help. Why doesn’t Danny want Boo-Boo’s help? Would you want Boo-Boo's help if you were Danny? Why?

  4. Danny and Noodles don’t like setting the table. What are some of your chores at home? Which ones do you dislike the most?

  5. This chapter ends when Danny hears Noodles screaming, "NO!" What do you think has happened to make Noodles scream? Write the next chapter of the story yourself and save your work to compare with the chapter that appears in the newspaper next week. See how close you are to what really happens in the story.




Noodles makes some adustments to Boo-Boo.


For the Advanced Reader

  1. Words often have more than one meaning. What do you mean when you talk about playing fetch with a dog? What is another meaning for the word fetching? Are both meanings appropriate for describing Danny’s science experiment? What are some other words that you know that have more than one meaning?

  2. Danny is trying to brainstorm some ideas for his project, but Bailey keeps wanting him to play. What is brainstorming? How do you decide what topics interest you when contemplating a report or project? Make a list of the steps in your process as you begin to do research or begin a science project.

  3. After reading this chapter, summarize Danny’s science experiment in your own words. Then draw a sketch of the chart that Danny might use to record his results.




Boo-Boo the robot.


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